Top Do's & Don’ts for Website Building

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Developing a website is similar to building a house. All you have to do is use the right material and secure foundation to make sure that your creation lasts a long time. Some of the key ingredients of a good website are search engine optimization, domain name, good web design, and key words.

Quick top list of the top Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Set smart goals
  • Plan on becoming a search engine optimization wizard
  • Use open source tools
  • Develop your content

Set smart goals:

Ensure that they are measurable few great ones a web designer wants to increase conversion rates, improve brand awareness, raise in scales, reduce overhead and generate more leads.

Plan on becoming a search engine optimization wizard:

You want help from pos and eventually might even need your own in house SEO expert. But search engine optimization is something you need to know about too. In marketing it has highest ROIs. To put your marketing on autopilot do it right SEO.

Use open source tools:

You should go with proprietary (content management system) CMS. It is always good to go with a open source system like Magento, Word Press.

Develop your content:

Content is the biggest slow down in the web design process. On your site if you are going to sell products get product description and photos ready. If you are going to sell the service you need a description for each service. Before your start building your site get as much of your content together.


  • Do it yourself
  • Expect visitors
  • Add a blog
  • Expect killer website overnight

Do it yourself:

Your web site is often where your customers first experience your brand. If it looks homemade they are going to make assumption about your big business that you want to evade.

Expect visitors:

Lose the mentality “if you build, they will come” simply putting your web site will not result in any visitors.

Add a blog:

Web site with outdated blog will create perception that your organization is small or even out of business.

Expect a killer website overnight:

Good web site will take a time to build. If you want good result prepare it for several months.