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Node Js is the finest option who require for a real time website which performs lively by including chat options or a frequent change in the data which is to be written and accessed very quickly. Node Js work to really fast the pure Java script built on V8 engine enables. Therefore this non blocking I/O object model is used by the company that run million dollar businesses like Dow Jones, Twitter and Google Chrome.

Are you looking to implement your project with Node JS development within your budget. Here at Greet Labs have mastered Node Js, we move fast, we use comprehensive libraries filled with new JavaScript languages and technologies which enables to develop and create client projects quickly.


Greet Labs provides versatile and vibrant application development services from Ruby on Rails to Node.Js development. We provide dedicated team working only for your project transmuting your ideas in to reality.

We at Greek Labs provide a long standing software development experience that can clearly guide and lead you throughout your project. Node Js development at Greet Labs has been dedicated to bring out the client specific business applications. There is no room for the app and web development process. The Node Js development is supervised by the tested and experts thereafter prior to deliver to the clients.
  • No messing with the strategies and codes resulting in fast results sophisticated. Lively and fast performing Node JS application
  • We grasp the business requirements of the clients hastily and act accordingly by providing low cost service
  • Together with providing web applications we deliver excellent client care too
  • Based on real time
  • Applications that need to talk to the server or back end often
  • Event driven and heavily I/O bound sloping
  • Build out network application
  • Able to handle a large number of simultaneous associations with other systems
  • Produce high amount of traffic and are extremely scalable
  • Hire Developer

    At Greet Labs we love discussing and developing Node Js development applications. Hire out experienced Node Js developer for development solutions and consulting more.

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    We do sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) to protect you confidential data or ideas
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