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The word full stack means the person who is comfortable working with both front end and back end technologies. In more specific it means that the developer can work with JavaScript, PHP, CSS and HTML apart from this it is also possible to convert Photoshop design to front end code.

While starting a new project we deal with server side, different technologies, and client side operation. To set up project and tools structure consumes a lot of time. This where stack or framework can help in reducing the time and speed up software development and application.


Before the process of web development was limited to frontend and backend where frontend was aimed to employ technologies such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS and backend was to write server site coding such as PHP, Ruby and Python and more. With the growth in technologies it is been essential for developer to cope up both front end and backend server setup and database management to deploy and develop a robust web application to meet the trending cutting edge standards.

A full stack developer doesn’t need to master all technologies and areas. They need to work it because work it because that just makes nearly impossible they jest need to be comfortable working with those technologies and that’s a lot too.
It delineate stack as follows:
  • One version control system
  • HTML
  • One deployment operating system
  • CSS
  • One web server
  • JavaScript
  • One relational database system
  • One general purpose programming language
  • At full stack it all begins with many specifications. Greet Labs provide technical and functional specifications dealing the exact blocking features and required to complete delivery.

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