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Phonegap is an open source platform that is used for creating wide platform for mobile applications by using JavaScript, CSS and HTML. It enables developers to create mobile app by using many multiple platforms by using minimum amount of coding.

Greet Labs expertise in developing forward looking solutions and applications, Greet Labs takes business to the success. Being a renowned phone gap application development organization we develop solutions as per the business requirements.


Phone gap is the latest frame work to create many platform mobile applications. We provide solutions to the clients with limited budget by using short development cycle. Greet Labs designers and developers help them to design as well as to develop the phone gap application.

Phonegap development is a frame work that works on build once. If you don’t have budget to build separate app for each platform, Phonegap is the great choice.
  • Reach out a wider audience without spending a fortune
  • Single code base for Windows, IOS, Android Mobile web.
  • A framework that is continuously evolving to meet customer needs
  • Apps that support device specific features and native functionality
  • Low development costs and quick turnaround leads to high ROI
    • Porting and testing of applications to iPhone, Windows, Android and Blackberry phone
    • Custom phone gap app development

    Hire Developer

    Greet Lab team has a phonegap developer enthusiasts having industry wide expertise on phonegap framework who delivers web products and mobile for many clients loaded with an array features.

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    We do sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) to protect you confidential data or ideas
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